Club Pride Talk Was A Success

Today I gave a 35 minute talk to older adults at Pride of Judea.

The talk went well. I met great people. I talked about the Left of the Dial philosophy of how to achieve balance.

A woman wanted to know if I took medication. I told her I did and that my one and only drug holiday failed.

Another woman complimented me on doing well. I thanked her and told her that my life was planned from the start, I didn’t chose this life, it’s what God planned for me to do. Not that I didn’t want to do this because I do want to uplift and inspire others.

I was glad an agency exists to treat and welcome adults 50 and older who have mental illnesses.

The audience was beautiful and they inspired me too.

I talked about having a second or third act.

I will report back in here the dates and times of my upcoming talks.

Pride of Judea

In two weeks I give a talk for Pride of Judea members. It is open to individuals in the psychosocial club. I will be talking in the future at NAMI-APRIL in Brooklyn and the public will be able to attend so stay tuned for details about this talk.