NAMI-New York State Educational Conference

I want to thank everyone who stopped by the book signing table and bought a copy of my memoir Left of the Dial.

I was also glad to talk to people who didn’t buy the book.

Yes: I sold a ton of copies. Yet the reality is most mental health authors aren’t going to get rich selling books. We’re happy to earn the money that will enable us to get a haircut or eat a restaurant meal as a treat one night.

The thing is: I was a good salesperson. As people walked by I made eye contact and said, “Hi. I’ve written a book about recovery from schizophrenia that you might be interested in.” As soon as people zoomed over I started to tell them: “I credit my mother and my family’s support with enabling me to recover.”

I was surprised with how easy it was to sell the books. Yet then again the topic of the education conference was “Redefining Recovery.”

The point is not that everyone will be able to do what I do. Or that everyone should be able to do what I do. My recovery illustrates that with family support and with a compassionate treatment team it’s more likely you will have a better outcome.

Let’s here it for the mothers and fathers.

The point is that I make the case as I have for going on nine years that the secret to success in recovery is to do what you love, do what you love, do what you love.

It was fun to sign books at the convention and talk to everyone who stopped by.

And like I said I was glad to talk to everyone not just the customers.


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