NAMI-APRIL of Brooklyn was started circa 20 years ago as APRIL, with parents of individuals with mental illnesses advocating for independent living for their loved ones.

I had the great honor and pleasure to talk on Thursday, October 16 with members of this organization. The gig went well and I was grateful for the warm welcome and support everyone gave me.

The highlight of the event when was I talked about this insight that hit me last week: medication and self-motivation are the twin engines that drive a person’s recovery. You can’t have one without the other. If you have the motivation to do better yet aren’t taking your medication you’ll strain against the illness and your efforts won’t be effective. If you take medication yet aren’t motivated to create a better life for yourself one day will be like any other holed up in your room watching TV.

I realize a lot of people with schizophrenia have negative symptoms like a lack of drive and cognitive deficits. Social skills training and cognitive remediation are two evidence-based treatment options that can help these individuals resume having a normal life. These options are often better alternatives to traditional “day programs” that are little more than babysitting services.

I will announce in here in the speaking engagements forum the dates and times of the author appearances I do when Left of the Dial is published shortly. I expect the book to go on sale in early December.

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